Club Standards

Club members must attain the required age-graded percentage in 3 different distances in any given year to be awarded a club standard. Qualifying years will run from 1st November - 31st October to fit in with the Club presentation evening.

Red <40%

Yellow 41-45%

Green 45-50%

Purple 50-55%

Blue 55-60%

Black 60-65%

Bronze 65-70%

Silver 70-75%

Gold 75-80%

Platinum Over 80%

e.g a club member achieving 3 results across 3 different distances in the 45-50% bracket in the same year would achieve a green club standard. The same runner would only move up to the purple club standard when they have managed to achieve 50-55% in 3 qualifying distances.

Available qualifying distances* are to include any 3 of the following:

1 mile (club timed)

5k race or parkrun

10k race

Half marathon

Full marathon

In the event of questions being raised about the distance of any official races, that race may be discounted from the Club Standards for that year.

Should you wish to check out your age grading (or see the time needed for the next standard!) you can use this Howard Grubb age-grading calculator.