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About the Awards

The Club Standards Awards are intended as a way of recognising the achievements of our members and to encourage and recognise improvement. They are based on age gradings in qualifying events.

Performances in three different qualifying distances must be achieved between 1st November in one year and 31st October the next year. This gives us time to make presentations at the Club's Awards evening in November each year.

This year only, retrospective awards will be made to take into account performances by current club members in past years.


If you'd like to understand how age grading works or calculate performances needed to achieve an age grade see Age Grading

RedUp to 39.99%Blue55.00 - 59.99%Gold75.00 - 79.99%
Yellow40.00 - 44.99%Black60.00 - 64.99%Platinum80.00 - 84.99%
Green45.00 - 49.99%Bronze65.00 - 69.99%Diamond85.00 - 89.99%
Purple50.00 - 54.99%Silver70.00 - 74.99%Double Diamond90.00% +

Qualifying distances

  • 1 Mile - Club timed mile
  • 5k - or ParkRun
  • 10k
  • 10m
  • Half Marathon
  • Marathon


  • Only performances recorded on the Whitchurch Whippets website will be recognised
  • Only the age gradings calculated on the Whitchurch Whippets website will be used
  • Performances over three qualifying distances are needed to qualify for a standard
  • The lowest rated performance of your three qualifying performances will determine your standard - see example below
  • The qualifying period runs from 1st November to 31st October
  • You must be a paid up member at 31st October to qualify for an award
  • Only race performances while a paid up Whippet will be counted.
  • Awards will be made when gaining your first standard or on achieving a higher standard


In this example the runner gains a "Black" standard (64 - 64.99%) because of the weaker performance in the HM. A slight improvement in that event would have qualified our mystery runner for a "Bronze" standard (65-69.99%). Seconds really do matter!


2019 Awards

These awards are for performances from 1st November 2018 to 31st October 2019.

The table below shows standards achieved so far this year as shown in the column YEAR. Your best three event percentages are shown. The lowest percentage determines your standard.

The BEST column shows the highest standard reached and the AWARDED column shows when that standard was awarded.

If the AWARDED columm says 2019 then you will get a Standard mug at the Birthday Bash in November. If the AWARDED column shows an earlier year then you have not acheived a higher standard this year.

If your name is not in the list, then you have not yet done 3 qualifying distances. There is still time for better performances to be acheived.

I'm still checking this table as I've only just automated what was a manual process. So, if you spot any problems please let me know.

Name Event % Event % Event % Year Best Awarded
Sarah Castin5k50.89HM49.6810k48.52GreenGreen2020
Sue Evans10k63.29HM60.535k58.34BlueBlack2018
Paul Evans10k53.95HM53.855k48.75GreenBlack2018
Gary Gray5k66.07HM58.5810k55.89BlueBlack2019
Richard HandleyHM69.7510k69.335k68.35BronzeBronze2019
Jenny Stiles10k52.785k50.08HM49.99GreenBlue2019
Katie Webster10k60.165k59.04HM58.38BlueBlack2016
Suzy Wilkes5k51.63HM47.3910k46.17GreenGreen2019

2018 Awards

Member Standard
Nikki Shingler Red
Lee Dale Yellow
Charlotte Dolphin Yellow
Katie Prince Yellow
Kirsty Fisher Green
Alison Birch Purple
Joanna Cornes Purple
Zara Elson Purple
Katie Evans Purple
Sarah Gill Purple
Pam Hamilton Purple
Garry Norton Purple
Janice Owen Purple
Nicola Rogers Purple
Sarah Berry Blue
Odilia Briceno Plummer Blue
Lisa Dale Blue
James Gresty Blue
Janice Eastwood Blue
Gary Gray Blue
Narg Harris Blue
Simon Huxley Blue
Paul Evans Black
John Haley Black
Saul Mellor Black
Michael Starkey Black
Natalie Stevenson Black
Karina Stockton Black
Sue Evans Black
Peter Holmes Black
Lynn Norton Black
James Rainbow Black
Simon Roberts Black
Rob Moyse Bronze
Elizabeth Featherstone Bronze
Dave Thornton Bronze
Paul White Silver
Shaun Burgess Gold
Leah Leonard Gold

2017 Awards

These awards are for performances from 1st November 2016 to 31st October 2017.

Member Standard Reached
Pippa Burchell Purple 15th October
Janice Eastwood Purple 15th October
Ross Kennedy Purple 15th October
Simon Roberts Purple 15th October
Martin Lane Purple 15th October
Sid Paul Purple 15th October
Michelle Scrase Purple 15th October
Peter Holmes Blue 29th October
Robert Ingham Black 15th October
Andy Heath Black 15th October
Duncan Raynor Black 15th October
Janet Burgess Black 15th October
Louise Baldwin Black 15th October
Elizabeth Featherstone Black 15th October
Charlotte Giddings Bronze 15th October
Keith Cotton Bronze 15th October
Mark Gregory Silver 15th October
Simon Phillips Gold 15th October
Mimi Owen Platinum 15th October

2016 Awards

These awards are for performances from 1st November 2015 to 31st October 2016. The following new Standards have been reached for 2016. Standards mugs will be presented at the Birthday Bash in November.

Member Standard Reached
Thomas WoodworthRed19th September
Michael McKeownGreen4th September
Mandy LewisPurple24th April
Sheridan LaneBlue23rd October
Cathy McAllisterBlue30th August
Louise BaldwinBlue30th August
Duncan MeredithBlack28th June
Liz RankinBlack28th June
Michelle ReadBlack28th June
Mark MusgroveBlack4th August
Dave ThorntonBlack4th September
Katie WebsterBlack4th September
Leah LeonardSilver15th May
Ken RobbinsSilver28th June
Ian GrandfieldSilver6th September
Jo GrandfieldGold6th September
John DillonDiamond4th September

2015 Awards

The table below shows Club Standards calculated up to 31st October 2015. All years used have been award years: 1st November to 31st October.

If you think your award is wrong, or that I have missed a performance please let me know. If you're not on the list I probably haven't got three qualifying performances recorded for you in a single year!

The year shown is the first year in which your highest level standard was achieved. It may have been achieved in more than one year - the year is not very relevant!

If you want me to include missing performances I will need details of what race, when, where and a web address where I can find the official results. If I can't find the official results I'm afraid I won't be able to register your result. We have to have standards, don't you know!

Member Standard Reached
Adam Richards Green 2014
Ed Vine Green 2015
John Rowlands Green 2014
Katherine Clarke Green 2012
Michelle Norton Green 2015
Susan Vine Green 2015
Adrian Hayward Purple 2015
Claire Stewart Purple 2015
Gillian Fowles Purple 2013
Marcus Somerfield Purple 2015
Adele Minshall Blue 2008
Charlotte Giddings Blue 2010
Duncan Meredith Blue 2015
Elizabeth Featherstone Blue 2014
Heather Stewart Blue 2011
James Rainbow Blue 2015
James Walker Blue 2013
Jo Evans Blue 2015
Katie Webster Blue 2015
Laura Turner Blue 2014
Liz Rankin Blue 2015
Michelle Purcell Blue 2015
Paul Dobson Blue 2013
Philip Townsend Blue 2015
Sara Rogers Blue 2009
Fiona Challinor Black 2014
Graeme Alexander Black 2014
Helen Robbins Black 2009
James Marsh Black 2014
Jen Spencer Black 2015
Keith Cotton Black 2013
Ken Robbins Black 2009
Laurence Evans Black 2015
Linda Viner Black 2014
Mark Gregory Black 2012
Roger Smith Black 2015
Ali Dolphin Bronze 2014
Matt Lucas Bronze 2015
Neil Spencer Bronze 2015
Pamela Hardy Bronze 2014
Simon Parsons Bronze 2015
Christine Henderson Silver 2014
Dean Richards Silver 2014
Emily Dove Silver 2013
Libby Dudleston Silver 2015
Rachael Foster Silver 2015
Richard Stewart Silver 2011
Robert Sharam Silver 2011
Simon Phillips Silver 2013
Andrew Corbett Gold 2015
Gareth Dodd Gold 2015
Jonathan Morgan Gold 2009
Mimi Owen Gold 2015
John Dillon Platinum 2013
Kevin Smith Platinum 2015

If you want to check the results we've used, feel free to download the attached spreadsheet